2 Years


I have gotten so behind in the little ones’ updates – James has been TWO for over a MONTH! It is still hard for me to believe. Our little man puts a smile on our face every single day. While we are seeing some instances of the so-called “terrible twos,” he is such a sweet, fun, happy boy. And really, I think the terrible twos are sort of misleading. People talk about it like these kids are just out of control crazy, but I think what it really is is that he is getting so independent and wants to try to do everything that he can for himself, and who can blame him?? A very common phrase to be heard coming out ofJames’ mouth these days is “my do it!” Up and down the stairs, throwing away trash, closing doors, reading bedtime stories, even fixing dinner…. my do it!

James is talking up a storm and putting together whole sentences by himself. He repeats EVERYTHING – so watch what you say! He is very observant and he likes to tell you what he’s seeing, describing things in his own ways. He is understanding concepts like “over there” or “on top,” and he knows his colors extremely well.


His absolute favorite activities are puzzles and reading books. I think we have a smarty-pants on our hands! He will sit and do puzzles over and over and over again, and he is so good at them! And he loves to read. His #1 favorite book is “Curious George Makes Pancakes,” which I’m pretty sure everyone in our family has memorized word for word.


James is still a picky eater but what he likes, he really likes. His favorite food is probably cereal. Any kind! He eats about 3 bowls of cereal for breakfast every morning. He loves apple sauce pouches, which sometimes sneak in veggies so thankfully he does get a vegetable or two in his system every now and then… he also loves blueberries and yogurt, and “daddy crackers,” which can be wheat thins or cheese its; whatever we happen to have that daddy likes to eat πŸ™‚

IMG_6944We’ve entered movie territory with James, where he actually wants to sit and watch movies or shows. His favorite show is still Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood although recently he has also been pretty into Super Why. He is very into Frozen…. what kid isn’t these days? And he also loves to watch “Woody” (Toy Story) and Vegetales!


James loves to be outside! He got lots of fun sports equipment for his birthday and Christmas, so on nice days we can be found on the back deck playing the James version of T-ball – hit the ball off the tee, touch 2 bases, kick the soccer ball into the goal, and yell “Touchdown!” He is just too stinking cute. Even more basic, he loves to RUN! All over the house, all over the yard, is “ready, set, go!” and then “more running?!” Whatever it takes to get some of that boundless energy out!


James has been such a sweet big brother to Neely. He hasn’t acted jealous of her at all! Every morning its “Good morning NeNe” with a kiss. And just today in the car he looked over and said, “Hi NeNe!” He is so good to her and I am so proud of him.

We love our boy and couldn’t be more excited to continue watching him grow – it is happening fast!




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