New Year, New Race – Little by Little

Something I’ve realized in this process of lifestyle change is that results take TIME. I know – duh. It is so obvious and so common sense, but when it comes down to it, time is a really difficult thing to accept, at least for me.

I feel so deceived by the world on the subject of time! This day in age, with all the technology and incredible information right at our fingertips, we are so used to getting the answers we want instantly. Don’t know something? Just google it. Not sure where that restaurant is? Google maps! Not sure what to make for dinner? Hop on Pinterest and find a good recipe. While you’re there, go ahead and look up a workout that will burn off all the calories you plan to eat at dinner!

It all seems so quick and easy.

Prior to becoming pregnant the first time, I never had to put much thought into my overall health. I ate relatively healthy, I worked out a few times a week at the gym, I had a healthy body image and felt confident in how I looked. It was all pretty easy at that point. Once I became pregnant, my body changed – in a beautiful, glorious, God-given way! – but it changed. It was no longer “quick and easy” for me to eat healthy. I had to try to balance my time with a newborn, then a toddler, which often meant meeting his physical needs first and then me eating whatever was available, or quick, or whatever tasted the best to give me some comfort. Exercise became infrequent if it was happening at all. I said good bye to the gym membership and relied on home workout DVDs which were a little too easy to say “no” to, especially when I only had 30 minutes here or an hour there to try to squeeze it in and would much rather lay on the couch.

Up until about a month ago I wanted quick fixes and expected fast results. I was willing to put in some effort here and there to reach small, short term goals, but I wasn’t making changes I could or would stick with. After having 2 babies and going through all the changes physically (and mentally) that go with that, quick fixes just weren’t going to do the trick anymore. I needed a real, long-term lifestyle change. That is what I have done and it feels so amazingly good!

The thing I’m learning so much about during all of this is that this idea of changing “little by little” doesn’t just apply to my body and making physical changes. It is how God works too. I’ve been the same way with God as with my body in the past – quick fixes and fast results. I wanted to pray today for something to happen tomorrow. I want to do a quick keyword search online to find a meaningful bible verse rather than taking the time to commit them to memory. I want to go to bible study once a week, but if I don’t manage to do the homework every day, well that’s ok. How have I expected God to transform my heart to be more like His if the only effort I’m putting in is infrequent and inconsistent?

It takes daily commitment. It takes daily discipline. It takes daily effort. And I’m learning that if I am willing to make the effort every single day, even if the results take longer for me to see, I will be transformed so that suddenly, I’ll look in the mirror 6 months from now and barely recognize the person I see. I will see the best version of myself I’ve ever seen, inside and out. And the beauty is that the transformation will continue, little by little, for the rest of my life. It is a steady uphill hike, not a roller coaster. I am SO thankful to be learning this lesson and making it true in my life!


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