Snow Day!

When it snows in Georgia, everybody freaks out with both excitement and fear. Today was mostly excitement at our house when we woke up to a semi-white yard and snowflakes falling hard. We were excited for James to get to see and experience snow! He saw some flurries about a week ago and last winter we had a teeeeeeny bit of snow on the ground, but this was the first “big” one. We’ve been reading a lot of Curious George in the Snow, and my goodness we’ve been watching our fair share of Frozen, so we knew he’d be excited! Plus, any material that can be made into a ball is a winner for James.





Although Neely slept through the outside play time, she got to at least see the snow from the comfort of our warm house, complete with her own snowman of course 🙂



One thought on “Snow Day!

  1. nicolealdridge says:

    I cannot believe these adorable little people are yours 🙂 They are lucky to have you and Brinaminonum as role models and playmates.

    PS we have PLENTY of snow if you need to come steal some to play with.


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