Who has the time??

In the past, time (or lack thereof) has always been an easy, yet valid, excuse as to why I couldn’t exercise on a daily basis. I work from home and have a toddler and a newborn. Enough said. Not to mention attempting to stay on top of housework, laundry, meals, etc… the days fill up FAST! So I’m having to learn how to prioritize my time and fit the workout into the busy schedule. I had to just make it a priority, a non-negotiable, and somehow it has been fitting into my day for the past two and a half months, practically every single day.

Basically, my 2 year old takes a daily afternoon nap, so it is easiest to fit my workout in while he is asleep. That is also when it works best for me to do my freelance work, prep dinner, clean, do laundry… well, you get the picture. His nap isn’t long enough for me to finish absolutely everything, but I put him down for bed and immediately go turn on the DVD player and do my workout.

Thankfully, my sweet, precious 6 month old is pretty laid back and easily entertained. If she is awake during my workout time, she hangs out in her exersaucer, happily watching me sweat and burn. Having her around actually makes me work a little harder and cuss at the TV a little less 😉

But I’m also learning that it’s important for me to incorporate my kids into an active lifestyle, for them not just to be spectators but to include them in the activity. I got to go to a Mommy & Me yoga class a few weeks ago, and it was SUCH a fun way to include my daughter in my workout. She had a blast and I learned some really great moves that I can do with her so that I can work out and she can have my full attention, and lets face it, we both have some fun.


With my son, he has energy like crazy. All we need to do it go outside and run free! I’m realizing how much he follows my lead. Recently we went outside, and I stuck right beside him, I kicked the ball to him and ran, I put him on my back and galloped around, we threw leaves and collected treasures. He loved it. I sat on the steps, he came and sat right next to me. I pulled out my phone to snap a quick picture, and he wanted to see it. He was like my little shadow and I realized for the millionth time that I have such a responsibility to set an example for him! If he sees me being active, eating healthy, taking care of myself, he will do the same.



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