6 Months!


Last week, our precious Neely celebrated her half birthday! It is so hard to believe she has been with us for 6 months. We love her more and more every day!

Neely’s personality has really blossomed this month, and she is becoming super vocal, and she thinks she is quite hilarious. She is making some new noises, and her favorite babble is “bah bah bah.” She is most entertained by herself and her big brother… mommy and daddy only sometimes 😉

Neely fought an ear infection this month and is proving to be like her brother in having stubborn ear infections! After 2 rounds of antibiotics, at her 6 month check her ears still weren’t 100% better. But no more medicine, just hoping they clear up. We’re wondering if the ear infections may be to blame for her inconsistent sleeping patterns this month…

She is in the 93rd percentile for weight, and still has every bit of baby chunk on her body! She is so squishy it is amazing. She’s rolling around like a champ, and sitting up unsupported for minutes at a time! She reaches out and grabs EVERYTHING so watch out if you’re wearing jewelry, or drinking from a cup, or using silverware… or anything! She will grab it!

Her head is covered with hair now, and she doesn’t seem to have inherited the super blond spiky hair that her daddy and brother had! It is light brown and so far, seems stick-straight like her mommy 🙂 She is looking more and more like her mommy in the face as well! It is fascinating to watch them grow – she and James were identical as newborns but she is definitely growing into her own little person now!

Neely experienced her first snow this month, and she’s also now getting to experience her first bit of spring weather too! Along with getting better at eating solid food with a spoon (still just rice cereal) Neely has also learned to love the bottle, which is a huge relief to this mommy!

We are so thankful for this precious girl in our lives and can’t believe we are the lucky ones to get to raise her!








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