Victory over the Avocado

We had a full weekend of travel, a wedding, and family time. I always love weekends like that, but it takes me a good little while to get fully recuperated! I’m such a fan of routine (and also an introvert) that when the routine gets changed, even for things I love, it still really can zap my energy! So today, being the Monday following a busy weekend, was sort of a long and tired day. But I managed to get my workout in early (with a 2 year old as my audience and encourager… “mommy do it!”) which also meant that I got to shower during nap time and spend half of the day as a clean mommy dressed in clothes that were NOT yoga pants and a tank top. So that felt good and was definitely a win for today.

Another win for today had to do with my lunch. And the pesky little fruit called the avocado. I love avocado, and I’ve been loving it as a topping for my daily salads. Here’s the problem – I have a tendency to cut into avocados before they are ready. I KNOW what it should look and feel like when it is perfectly ripe. I know it should be dark with little to no green coloring on the outside. I know that it should feel slightly tender, and I should be able to squeeze it a bit with some give.


Why, oh why then, do I always cut into it too soon??? I have this mental block. I want the avocado. I need it in my salad. I need it. Maybe it will be ok? Maybe, even though I know for sure it isn’t ripe yet, maybe it’ll still be ok. Maybe I’ll cut into it and it will be just fine. These are the thoughts that go through my head. And then I cut into it, and I know INSTANTLY that I’ve made a huge, huge mistake. It is hard to get the knife all the way through. Then it is hard to get the seed out. Then, through angry muttering under my breath, I struggle to cut the beautiful green inside out from the skin. If I manage to get it cut and on top of my salad, with the first bite I am kicking myself because it does not taste good. Not at all. I’ve ruined my salad… and my day.

But today! Victory! I had a little conversation with myself, telling myself that if I wasn’t 100% sure that this avocado was ready, I wouldn’t cut it. I couldn’t. Today’s avocado was borderline. It was almost perfect. I took the risk and cut into it, and I was not disappointed. I felt proud of myself and each bite was just a little pat on the back – I win, avocado. I needed those little victory today.


Any favorite avocado recipes out there?
Any other tips for how you know when it is perfectly ripe?


3 thoughts on “Victory over the Avocado

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh man, avocados are one of my favorite foods of. all. time. My very favorite way to eat them is with a squirt of lime juice and a sprinkle of sea salt. So simple but so stinkin’ good! They’re also awesome smooshed on toast 🙂 For a less traditional way to enjoy them, they are great in smoothies because their fat content makes everything so smoooooooth. There is also an avocado brownie recipe we make sometimes – it’s not especially healthy because they’re still full of flour and sugar but the avocado replaces the oil and adds a healthy dose of fiber. Even super-skeptical David likes them!


    • eldermeredith says:

      Yummmmmm yes avocado on toast is so great. Such a versatile food! I used avocado in a salad dressing once but didn’t like how it turned out but I think it was the herbs I chose. Ever done an avocado dressing??


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