Wednesdays are Good For My Soul

I’ve been going to a bible study on Wednesday mornings that has been seriously life-changing. I honestly think that being in that particular study at the same time as my lifestyle transformation was the perfect combination for me in changing my life from the inside out. The bible study has been on prayer and was led by some incredibly wise women, and I have learned so so much!

Today was our last day of class and I feel so sad about it. For one thing, it has been my one day a week to have child care and some adult interaction which has been such a gift! Secondly, it has been an amazing weekly reminder of who God is, and who I am as a result. It has been sort of a “reset” button for me from week to week where I take a step back from my stress or worry or impatience and focus in on the Lord and how he calls me to live.

I realized as I was sitting in class today that I can’t just quit learning and moving forward simply because this study is ending. I realized that I was using the class as a weekly reminder of my need for prayer and intimate, consistent time with the Lord, but I need DAILY reminders of that. I need reminders THROUGHOUT my day of that! God wants me to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Why is it so hard to forget?? In the day to day, moment to moment hustle and bustle, I forget.

So I came up with a solution that I hope will help me. I’ve been drawing out scriptures and encouraging words (as you’ve seen posted here) and I feel compelled to COVER my home in those scriptures. I want to memorize as much of God’s word as I can so that it will never leave my mind and heart, so I will be less likely to forget. I want to go back through my bible study homework and pick out a bunch of verses to draw, print, and post all over my house!

I would love to make these scripture cards available to anyone who wants to do the same. I’ll try to upload a free 5×7 printable scripture card once a week – so keep checking back! Here is your first one – Romans15 13! Feel free to download and print, and let me know how you choose to use it!



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