Wednesday Words #5

Another favorite of mine. This verse is SUCH a reminder to me that God’s time and my time aren’t always the same. I have such a limited view on my life and can’t see what’s ahead. I have to trust in the Lord and in His timing! What he wants from me is to keep on coming to him. Day after day, week after week, year after year – keep coming to the Lord. He says it RIGHT HERE that he WILL answer my prayers, he DOES hear me, he WANTS to give me the desires of my heart, but I tend to think if a prayer isn’t answered instantly, it must mean its not going to happen. NO! He says to keep on!! So thankful for a God who answers my prayers in the perfect time, even if it is hard for me to wait. Click below for the Free Printable!




Family Fun

This past weekend was a really fun one for our family. We got to spend time together at one of our favorite places – a camp called Sharp Top Cove! This place has been a part of our lives since high school. We even got engaged there! We’ve spent more than one summer there on assignment – it really feels like a home away from home. What was so unique about this past weekend was that for the first time in 11 years, we were there simply as “campers!” Every time we’ve been there over the past decade it has been either as YL leaders or with a job like program or music leaders.

To be there with no responsibilities other than to be together as a family was such a treat. We got to run and play and just be together! James and Neely had a great time, we got to see and catch up with some dear friends, and the weather was perfect (even though it had been forecasted to as 100% chance of rain and thunderstorms ALLLLL day Saturday!)

We’re thankful that even though we’re no longer employed with Young Life, we can still be involved and we are still loved and cared for by the staff and properties. It is truly such a special ministry and I am so excited to remain involved and for our kids to still get to grow up with the experience of Young Life camp!

IMG_9418 IMG_9420 IMG_9426 IMG_9450 IMG_9467 IMG_9476 IMG_9513


Wednesday Words #4

This is such a simple and wonderful verse. It is such a reality check for me and an incredible reminder of who I am in relation to my heavenly Father. As I become less and less, I am allowing more room for God to enter into my life and my spirit and as a result, I become more of a reflection of Him! Ultimately, I want people to see Jesus when they look at me. So, I must allow HIM to become GREATER, and I must become less. Click below for the pdf!



Just Like Lightning McQueen

Our 2 year old is very into things that are the same. He notices all kinds of things that are the same – colors, pictures, characters – anything! And he loves to declare things “Just like…” fill in the blank.

Driving in the car:
“Go fast! Just like Lightning McQueen!”

Getting new shoes:
“My new shoes! Just like Daddy!”

Walking backwards:
“Go backwards! Just like Mater!”

Seeing a baby:
“A baby! Just like NeNe!”

Seeing tents:
“Tents! Just like Curious George goes Camping!”

My hope, and something that has actually begun to happen, is that he will get excited about being “just like mommy” and “just like daddy” in terms of his lifestyle choices. He has been seeing me eating healthy meals for four months now, and seeing his daddy eat healthy meals for the past month. Since watching us and seeing our meals, our boy who is quite possibly the pickiest eater on the planet (hello, he’s two!) has eaten eggs, apples, quesadillas, turkey, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, and brown rice. Now, to clarify, a lot of these have just been one or two bites, but the fact that he is willing to try these foods AT ALL tells me that he is watching us and is willing to try new things to be like mommy and daddy.

He has seen me working out a few times, although usually it happens while he is sleeping, but he now knows that the weights and mats he sees are for doing exercises. He also sees me reading my bible and wants to read it too. These little eyes are taking in EVERYTHING around them and I feel more thankful than ever that I have adopted new habits for my children to grow up learning. I know I can talk or blog all I want about being healthy but if I’m not ACTING on those desires, it will never work and I will never be able to set a true example to those around me.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.42.14 PM

What’s for dinner?

Last week I really enjoyed preparing our dinners because the ingredients were just so fresh and beautiful!! I have pictures below including links to the sites where I found the recipes!

Hummus Crusted Chicken IMG_9052


Oven-Baked Chicken Fajitas IMG_9086


(I made mine into a salad adding lettuce, avocado, and tearing up a whole wheat tortilla on top!) IMG_9093

Crock-Pot Stuffed Bell Peppers (I edited the recipe a little by using ground turkey instead of ground beef and brown rice instead of wild rice. I also left out the Worshteshire sauce) IMG_9118


What’re you cooking this week??

Wednesday Words #3

Today’s verse comes from 2 Corinthians. I love the fact that life in relationship with God means FREEDOM! I think it can be easy to get the wrong idea about what it means to be a believer in Christ. It doesn’t mean you magically become perfect, it doesn’t mean you will no longer have any problems or troubles. What it means is that you get to live in communion with the God of the universe who offers hope, love, peace, and FREEDOM. It is such a beautiful thing! Click the link below for your free printable!



7 Months


This little lady turned 7 months over the weekend! Each age and stage just gets more fun with her!

One of the most significant life experiences Neely had this month was celebrating her first Easter and a family trip to the beach! You probably saw those events documented in a previous post so I won’t repeat myself, but it was a really fun time with our girl!

Neely is trying SO hard to crawl and gets so pathetically frustrated when she just can’t move! She can get herself up onto all fours and sort of rock back and forth, but that’s as far as she’s come. It really seems like any day now we’ll see her scooching across the floor! I know she is ready – she wants to get her hands on EVERYTHING! It’s almost as if she knows that as the second child, she’s missing out on some of the fun that big brother is having, so she wants to get ahold of everything he has… even including him! She reaches out and grabs her brother or whatever is in her brother’s hands as often as possible.

They are really reaching a point of being so sweet together and wanting to play together. Their favorite new “together” activity is swinging! Neely rode in a swing for the first time (then multiple times after!) this month and she loved it! She is all smiles and giggles while she swings and it is precious!

She has her front bottom teeth (they are so sharp!) and she seems to be getting more but so far it is unclear which ones. But she continues to show all signs of teething! Though she really hasn’t been too fussy from it which we all appreciate. With those two teeth she is having more solid food experiences including a few finger foods this month to try out. Some avocado chunks and the baby food classic – puffs!

Neely continues to be a very content, laid back little girl. She so easily goes with the flow and very rarely looses her cool. But when she does, her cry makes me laugh because it is SO HIGH PITCHED! Oh my goodness, it is so high and squealy – and it cracks me up every time.

I mentioned one of the most significant life experience this month, but the most significant experience was Neely welcoming her newest cousin into the world! We were thrilled to meet our newest nephew Harrison on April 1! He is precious and I can’t wait to watch he and Neely grow up together so close in age!