Diet vs. Lifestyle

I was recently with a friend and I referenced my “diet.” She then asked, “so how long are you going to be on this diet??” I felt funny about calling it a diet in the first place, and then after she asked that question I realized why – this is NOT a diet. This is a lifestyle.

I started this process to lose a few pounds. Through it I have gained SO much more. Community, accountability, encouragement, friendship. Confidence and self-worth. Weight loss and a strong body! But one of the most valuable things I’ve gained is knowledge. (yikes that sounds cheesy, but it’s true!!!)

I am certainly still no expert, but I have learned SO much about how to take care of my body. The biggest thing has been portion control and eating the right amounts of the various food groups. What has been amazing about 21 Day Fix is that I haven’t felt deprived of anything (except sugary sweets). I’ve been able to eat all the foods I love – just in the right amounts! That is what makes this program so incredibly easy to take from diet to lifestyle. It is a total habit now to think through my day and my meals, to make sure I’m eating a good variety of foods and not too many foods of any particular group. Planning ahead has been KEY, but now that I have learned so much, I feel confident that even if I had to go through an unplanned week, I could still make the best decisions about what to eat, when, and how much.

I feel so passionate about this new lifestyle! I know that consistency is key and that it has still really only been a few months. I am committed to continuing in this lifestyle and documenting it here. I am not perfect, and I will probably eat a cookie or ice cream or french fries along the way, but I feel confident in my ability to take the best possible care of my body every single day.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.55.36 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 4.08.50 PM


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