7 Months


This little lady turned 7 months over the weekend! Each age and stage just gets more fun with her!

One of the most significant life experiences Neely had this month was celebrating her first Easter and a family trip to the beach! You probably saw those events documented in a previous post so I won’t repeat myself, but it was a really fun time with our girl!

Neely is trying SO hard to crawl and gets so pathetically frustrated when she just can’t move! She can get herself up onto all fours and sort of rock back and forth, but that’s as far as she’s come. It really seems like any day now we’ll see her scooching across the floor! I know she is ready – she wants to get her hands on EVERYTHING! It’s almost as if she knows that as the second child, she’s missing out on some of the fun that big brother is having, so she wants to get ahold of everything he has… even including him! She reaches out and grabs her brother or whatever is in her brother’s hands as often as possible.

They are really reaching a point of being so sweet together and wanting to play together. Their favorite new “together” activity is swinging! Neely rode in a swing for the first time (then multiple times after!) this month and she loved it! She is all smiles and giggles while she swings and it is precious!

She has her front bottom teeth (they are so sharp!) and she seems to be getting more but so far it is unclear which ones. But she continues to show all signs of teething! Though she really hasn’t been too fussy from it which we all appreciate. With those two teeth she is having more solid food experiences including a few finger foods this month to try out. Some avocado chunks and the baby food classic – puffs!

Neely continues to be a very content, laid back little girl. She so easily goes with the flow and very rarely looses her cool. But when she does, her cry makes me laugh because it is SO HIGH PITCHED! Oh my goodness, it is so high and squealy – and it cracks me up every time.

I mentioned one of the most significant life experience this month, but the most significant experience was Neely welcoming her newest cousin into the world! We were thrilled to meet our newest nephew Harrison on April 1! He is precious and I can’t wait to watch he and Neely grow up together so close in age!











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