Just Like Lightning McQueen

Our 2 year old is very into things that are the same. He notices all kinds of things that are the same – colors, pictures, characters – anything! And he loves to declare things “Just like…” fill in the blank.

Driving in the car:
“Go fast! Just like Lightning McQueen!”

Getting new shoes:
“My new shoes! Just like Daddy!”

Walking backwards:
“Go backwards! Just like Mater!”

Seeing a baby:
“A baby! Just like NeNe!”

Seeing tents:
“Tents! Just like Curious George goes Camping!”

My hope, and something that has actually begun to happen, is that he will get excited about being “just like mommy” and “just like daddy” in terms of his lifestyle choices. He has been seeing me eating healthy meals for four months now, and seeing his daddy eat healthy meals for the past month. Since watching us and seeing our meals, our boy who is quite possibly the pickiest eater on the planet (hello, he’s two!) has eaten eggs, apples, quesadillas, turkey, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, and brown rice. Now, to clarify, a lot of these have just been one or two bites, but the fact that he is willing to try these foods AT ALL tells me that he is watching us and is willing to try new things to be like mommy and daddy.

He has seen me working out a few times, although usually it happens while he is sleeping, but he now knows that the weights and mats he sees are for doing exercises. He also sees me reading my bible and wants to read it too. These little eyes are taking in EVERYTHING around them and I feel more thankful than ever that I have adopted new habits for my children to grow up learning. I know I can talk or blog all I want about being healthy but if I’m not ACTING on those desires, it will never work and I will never be able to set a true example to those around me.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.42.14 PM


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