Family Fun

This past weekend was a really fun one for our family. We got to spend time together at one of our favorite places – a camp called Sharp Top Cove! This place has been a part of our lives since high school. We even got engaged there! We’ve spent more than one summer there on assignment – it really feels like a home away from home. What was so unique about this past weekend was that for the first time in 11 years, we were there simply as “campers!” Every time we’ve been there over the past decade it has been either as YL leaders or with a job like program or music leaders.

To be there with no responsibilities other than to be together as a family was such a treat. We got to run and play and just be together! James and Neely had a great time, we got to see and catch up with some dear friends, and the weather was perfect (even though it had been forecasted to as 100% chance of rain and thunderstorms ALLLLL day Saturday!)

We’re thankful that even though we’re no longer employed with Young Life, we can still be involved and we are still loved and cared for by the staff and properties. It is truly such a special ministry and I am so excited to remain involved and for our kids to still get to grow up with the experience of Young Life camp!

IMG_9418 IMG_9420 IMG_9426 IMG_9450 IMG_9467 IMG_9476 IMG_9513



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