Non-Scale Victories

Throughout this process of becoming my healthiest self, I’ve been blown away by all of the non-scale victories I’ve experienced! In the end, these are SO MUCH more powerful to me than the number on the scale. I will admit that I DO weigh myself from time to time, but my new rule is to ONLY step on the scale when I’m feeling awesome about myself. Because if I am feeling amazing, then the number on that scale doesn’t matter – if it isn’t as low as I want, its ok because I feel confident and proud of the effort I’ve put in. But, if the number on the scale is where I hope, then that is just an extra bonus!

That being said, I have been weighing myself less and less over the past month because the non-scale victories have been so much sweeter! Just to name a few:

1) The way my clothes fit! Or, more accurately, the way my clothes don’t fit. I’ve gone out to buy a few new clothing items lately to replace all the WAY too big clothes that fill up my closet! I am wearing a size that I haven’t worn since high school, but even more than the number on the tag, when I button my pant and look in the mirror, I feel really really good – and that is a big deal!


All the pants that are being removed from my closet because they don’t fit!!

2) Muscle definition! As a mommy of 2, I never really expected to see abs ever again. But they really are beginning to appear! And while I have a tendency to put most of my attention on my tummy, suddenly out of nowhere I realized that my legs and arms are getting toned as well! It feels pretty cool πŸ™‚


See that little bit of muscle definition?? No, I’m not a body builder but I’ve never really had arms that look like this!

3) Confidence! I know that I carry myself with more confidence physically these days, but I feel like I’m also seeing such a change in my confidence with my words and actions. My tendency is to stay quiet and blend into the background, but more and more often I am finding myself being bold in conversations, speaking and sharing with other people what I am experiencing in my life – and that feels amazing!

All in all, I feel like I am continuing to be changed and molded into the person I was created to be. I am so thankful!!


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