8 Months & Mother’s Day


Our baby girl is a whopping 8 months old!

She hit some major milestones this month – the main one being CRAWLING! She finally figured it out about 3 days before she turned 8 months, though she had been practicing and working on it allllllll month. For awhile she was just scooting backwards (and would get herself into all kinds of trouble, accidentally sliding under furniture!) Then she was getting up on all fours and rocking forward and back. Then she started lifting her hands but would then collapse on her belly. Then, finally, she figured it out and has been unstoppable since!

She is still such a laid back little girl, but she definitely also doesn’t like to be left out. I think as the second child she knows that James gets to do more than she does, and it is her mission to participate in whatever he is doing! Now that she’s crawling, that’s getting a little easier. I hear a lot of “No Neely, that’s my toy!” coming from James as Neely tries to take whatever he has!

She’s eating finger foods and her favorite food seems to be bananas! She also loves sweet potatoes, but if there is a banana on her tray, it’s the first to go into the mouth! She’s getting pretty good at feeding herself, and it may have to do with getting more teeth! She has her 2 bottom front teeth and 1 of her top teeth. Not the front one, but the one right next to it! James’ teeth came in the same way. So funny! The one on the other side on top is going to pop through any day now! We’ve enjoyed lots of picnics outside in the beautiful weather this month!

Another exciting event of this past month was Neely’s baptism, which happened to fall on Mother’s Day. It was such a special day to have family gather with us to celebrate this beautiful baby girl! I am thankful to have a family that is committed, along with Bryan and me, to teach Neely about the love of Jesus!! We are thrilled for her and for James to grow up in a wonderful church that loves them well!










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