Wednesday Words – Kid’s Edition

The other morning as I sat with James while he ate his breakfast, I was struck with how old he seemed. His vocabulary is huge and his memory is amazing. In that moment I suddenly thought, “he’s ready to start learning scripture!” I got so excited at the thought of teaching my boy words from the Lord to engrave in his heart and remember for years to come. I’d love to say that the perfect scripture came into my heart in that moment or that I prayed to God to provide the right one and I opened my bible and there it was — but that’s not what happened. Basically, I did a quick google search of “bible verses for toddlers” and came upon Philippeans 4:4, and I thought it was a great place to start. ๐Ÿ™‚


I soon realized that teaching my child scripture is the ultimate accountability. I wasn’t expecting to get hit in the face so hard with it on day one! But as we repeated together our verse, “Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again, Rejoice” it was being stuck in my mind and heart as well.

Then, the day went on, and I was faced with things that made me feel like doing the opposite of rejoicing. I hit some roadblocks and some hiccups. How did I handle it? Not well. I got angry and I got frustrated and I ignored the scripture I was attempting to teach my child.

Then night time hit, he was going to bed, and as I gave Neely her bottle James came in to say good night. I was feeling defeated, down, and just ugly. I put on a smile and gave him a kiss, and was immediately reminded that we should practice his scripture before he went to bed. So together we repeated it again, and as he left, I felt such guilt! I was trying to teach my son TRUTH while ignoring it for myself.

I think that’s been my hope in drawing these scriptures and putting them up around my house. The more I see them and remember them and feel them, I hope the more I will practice the truths that they proclaim. I hope I will believe them without doubt so that when trouble hits, I will be armed with the truth that nothing can shake the God of the universe. He is in control!


Printable Version here:ย Phil4-4


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