“Her? A health and fitness coach?…”


I’ve been a Beachbody coach for a little over 4 months. At times I’ve struggled with sharing about it, because I’ve been afraid of what people may think. People who know me may think, “How can she be a coach? She’s not exactly the poster child for good health!” Or maybe people would think, “She’s on quite a health-kick lately. We’ll see how long it lasts…”

All my life I’ve struggled with worrying about what other people think, feeling self-conscious, just wanting to fit in. Those fears have held me back for a long time! I have allowed myself to blend in, to follow other people’s passions and dreams rather than my own. I’ve never really lived out what I believed to be my own, personal, true calling. But now… I feel like I am doing just that. And it is scary, and surreal, and challenging, but so so worth it!

I began my health journey with the help of others, people who were already close friends of mine, and also people I had never met. The community and encouragement was unlike anything I had ever experienced and I knew I couldn’t let it go! I became a coach to continue with the relationships I was building, to continue having accountability, and so that I could have help along the way as I tried to create a new life for myself and my family.

Changes began in me, internally and externally, and soon I began to think, this is too good to keep to myself. This is too rich, too rewarding, too encouraging – I have to share this! So a few months after becoming a coach, I began actually “coaching.” I wanted people to join me. I wanted to share my experience. I wanted to spread the amazing spirit that was beginning to flow out of me.

I won’t say that coaching has changed my life, because I believe only God has the power to change lives – but I believe that God has used coaching to reveal more to me and about me than I ever thought possible and I will be forever grateful.

Some of the changes I’ve experienced in myself:
(I’ve always been the biggest scaredy-cat of all time!!)

Being a part of the Beachbody community has been such a gift to me. And they are so supportive of their coaches! Every month that I have been a coach, simply for having friends join my challenge groups, Beachbody has sent me little presents in the mail. Bobble heads and games and bags – sometimes silly little things but so fun! The biggest and best reward I’ve gotten, however, is that for achieving some successes in my first 3 months as a coach, I was given a FREE ticket to the BIGGEST Beachbody event of the year! I will be traveling to Nashville later this summer to spend a long weekend with thousands of other coaches, attend trainings by the TOP coaches in all of Beachbody, work out with CELEBRITY trainers such as Chalene Johnson, Autumn Calabrese, and Shaun T, and perhaps most exciting, I will get to finally meet face-to-face some of the women who have played such a vital role in supporting me and helping me become the best version of myself. My teammates and friends. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

I would love to share more with YOU about what it could mean for you to become a coach too. We are having a “sneak peek” Facebook group starting on Monday. There are NO requirements or commitments for the group – it is simply 5 days of information and discussion about what coaching really means, what is required of you as a coach, and how you can make money doing it and turn it into a business owned and operated by YOU. If you’d like to join the group and hear more, just send me a message on Facebook (www.facebook.com/meredithelderlivinginlight) or an email at elder.meredith@gmail.com and I will add you!



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