9 Months


Oh my goodness! Didn’t I just do Neely’s 8 month post?! Time is flying and we are having so much fun with our little 9 month old.

This has been a month of embracing SUMMER! Neely has had her first pool experiences this month – with the baby pool in our backyard and the BIG pool! She loves them both… although in the baby pool she mostly just wants to crawl out of the pool and eat leaves. Sooooo, there’s that. In the big pool though she really enjoyed floating in the water and watching her brother swim. I think her favorite activity though, at Kristin and Chris’ pool there is a 1 foot round baby pool and Neely LOVED standing on the edge and cruising around the pool!





Another theme of the month for Neely has been BUSY. Oh man. This girl is on the GO! She wants to get her hands on EVERYTHING and she will do anything it takes to get there. She believes that taking the most direct route is best, even if its not the easiest. She will climb up and over ANYTHING in her way to get to what she wants! As you can see from the bottle picture below, even sitting still for a bottle is out of the question. She takes frequent bottle breaks to check out her surroundings and make sure she’s not missing out on anything.





Our girl still loves to eat and has actually agreed to allow us to feed her with a spoon every once in awhile! She still prefers the finger foods but she loves apple sauce, so she’s willing to take a spoon to get some. She has been eating little bits of whatever we or her brother are eating, so she’s tried broccoli and grilled cheese and chicken – so far she seems to like it all! She now has 5 teeth that are totally through the gums with 3 more so close behind!

Neely and James continue to grow closer and closer, they really do love each other so much! James is a sweet brother, although sometimes a little rough. BUT, Neely is so tough! Half the time I go to grab James off of her and she is just laughing and laughing! She may be a teeny bit of an instigator, too… we’ll see what happens with that.





Neely loves to babble and bounce – especially when she hears music! Her favorite sounds to make are “Bababababa” and “Mamamama” which is just really cute. She also can crack herself up and will often be heard laughing to herself in the carseat or as she crawls across the floor. What a fun little spirit! It continues to be a joy to watch this baby girl grow!


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