Day One… Again!


Yesterday was a new day one! I’m starting a fresh round of 21 Day Fix Extreme in a new challenge group. I’m starting again alongside other people who are making positive changes in their lives as well and it is such an encouraging and uplifting environment!

What I love about these challenge groups is that every month is a new day one. Every month is a new chance for a fresh start. Every month I have a chance to celebrate the victories of the past month and also look for ways to improve. It’s so much more than a diet! It’s a lifestyle, and when you’re making changes to improve your lifestyle, there is always room to grow and learn!

So yesterday, my day consisted of a meal plan that I stuck to 100%, and a 30 minute, but INTENSE workout! I felt great after my workout and I’m feeling a bit sore today! So I know I put in the work!

It is amazing to me the difference I feel each month leading into a fresh challenge. At the beginning of my first challenge, I was so full of fear! I didn’t know if I could finish what I started, I didn’t know if I’d see results, I felt a serious lack of confidence and a lack of love for myself. It is really sad to me to look back and see how down I was at that point. But it’s amazing to see myself then, and to look in the mirror almost 6 months later and see a new person. It’s a beautiful and wonderful thing!

I truly believe that Go desires life lived to the FULL, and for me, that has been found through taking care of myself, mind, body, and soul, and truly loving myself and treating my body as a gift from God rather than a burden. It overflows into all areas of my life! I feel like I am truly living out the life I was created for — that feels amazing ๐Ÿ™‚




IMG_1254 (1)




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