Week One 21 DFX – Food!

Well, I’ve finished out my first new week on 21 Day Fix Extreme and overall it went well. I didn’t get every single workout in but I’m working hard to get back on track! Thankfully, and even more importantly, I managed to stick to my meal plan about 95% which I feel great about!

So for week 1 I decided to have my Shakeology in the afternoons as lunch and have some make-ahead breakfasts ready each morning. While I enjoyed my breakfasts, I found that in the afternoons after my shake lunch and workout, I was feeling hungry and needing to eat all my snacks between lunch and dinner. So I think I’ll be switching up my plan to have my shake for breakfast next week, and a more filling lunch!

But anyways, here are some of the foods I enjoyed this past week, along with links to the recipes (that I have available!)

Baked Oatmeal Cups with Berries and Bananas (click here for the recipe!)
These were AWESOME to have ready ahead of time. I made a whole batch and ate them throughout the week. They heated up really nicely in the microwave. I used them as breakfast but they could also be a great snack as well. (Two cups = 1 yellow and 1 purple) I ate them alongside 2 eggs (1 red)


Spinach Egg Cups with 1/2 Whole Grain Bagel (click here for similar recipes!)
These are an awesome go-to for me as well, and I love that 2 cups gives me a full serving of veggies! The particular recipe I used came from my 21 DFX Meal Guide, but follow the link above for 3 different AWESOME options for egg cups! I really want to try the southwestern ones! The cups below are very similar to the “Super Green Egg Cups” in the link above! (Two cups = 1 green and 1 red) I ate these alongside 1/2 of a toasted whole grain bagel! (1 yellow)


Crock Pot Marinara Chicken over Zucchini Noodles
This is seriously one of the easiest meals ever! It is literally 2 or 3 chicken breasts in the crock pot, then you pour marinara sauce on top (I just used a jar of store-bought, but I’m sure homemade would be better!) Cook on low for 6 hours. Then you just shred and serve over the noodles of your choice! I spiralized some zucchini and sautéed them for a few minutes on medium-high heat with a little bit of olive oil and garlic. I heated it just until it was beginning to soften, but had a bit of an al-dente feel. (Zucchini noodles = 1 green; chicken = 1 red; marinara sauce = 1 purple; whole grain roll = 1 yellow)


Creamy Chicken Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole (click here for the recipe!)
I am a casserole lover. I love that its an all-in-one type meal, and that you throw it in a baking dish and throw it in the oven, and boom you’re done. Makes it easy on mommy! But typically casseroles aren’t all that healthy! This one though I think is a real winner. I’ve passed along the recipe to others who have loved it too! It’s super simple ingredients and lots of flavorful, healthy deliciousness. It’s a crowd pleaser too! Even picky eaters will like this one! (I did use turkey bacon for this as well to be 21 Day Fix approved) With casseroles, your servings and portions are a bit of a guessing game but we tried to make our portions equal 1 red, 1 yellow, and 1 green.


Jalapeño and Pepper Jack Turkey Burgers (click here for the recipe!)
This is a new, serious favorite at our house. We haven’t always cooked burgers that often, except for when my hubby would have high school guys over for bible study while we were on YL staff. But for us, we just never got too excited about them. UNTIL NOW. And its crazy because these are TURKEY burgers! My hubby was skeptical, but he LOVES these burgers and so do I. They seriously feel like a cheat meal and they are perfect on the grill during these summer months! We ate them on whole wheat buns – delicious. (1 burger = 1 red, 1 blue, 2 yellow, plus the lettuce and tomato which equals a little bit of a green, but not a whole serving of veggies!) I had planned to serve these alongside some carrot fries to get our green container in but dropped the ball on that one – oops!



These recipes were mostly found through Pinterest and the Beachbody Blog!


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