10 Months


What a fun month it has been with our girl! I’ve said since James that this age – the 9/10/11 month age – is my favorite baby age! It seems like this is when their personalities really seem to blossom, and with Neely that is proving to be true yet again. She is so FUNNY! I think she has such a fun little personality, and boy can she make some faces. She is so expressive! She makes it clear when she is not entertained by whatever you’re doing (she’s not an easy audience, she makes you work for her laughs!) Her face also clearly shows when she thinks she is being funny or sneaky, and she makes this super sweet, funny scrunched-nose face when she makes a new discovery. We just love her so much!

Neely is certainly on the move these days and is FAST! She makes a beeline for whatever she decides she wants, which is usually Penny’s food or the computer cords, or James’ cup or snack – pretty much whatever she knows is off limits. She is getting really sturdy on her feet too and will stand un-supported for multiple seconds at a time. We’re anticipating her first steps any day now! She has figured out how to walk while pushing her walker toy so I know she’ll be walking independently in no time. Oh and she also learned how to climb up the stairs – uh oh!


Neely had some fun experiences this month. She had her first visit to the aquarium and she loved it! We seriously didn’t hear a peep out of her the whole time, she was so enamored by the fish. We took the kids to the dolphin show and while James was scared and whimpering the whole time, Neely couldn’t get enough!



Neely has enough hair for clip-on hair bows and I think they are about the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my life! She usually doesn’t even know its there so for now, she’s not pulling it out every few seconds! I even managed to create her first little ponytail with her bow and I could barely handle the cuteness 🙂



Of course we’ve spent much of this past month having fun as a family, celebrating Father’s Day and the Fourth of July. Our time at home consists of Neely trying new foods (and loving them all!), playing with her brother and watching his favorite movies over and over again (Cars and Planes, mainly), babbling and giggling (she’s starting to try to mimic us when we say “dada” or “mama”), getting more and more teeth (she has 7), and being adventurous (Neely doesn’t shy away from a dangerous situation. She is willing to crawl straight off her changing table or beds or stairs… I’ve caught her every time but you would think she would realize that’s not a good idea. Girl loves an adventure!)








Neely continues to bring us so much joy!!!


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