Family Beach Trip

Phew! It’s been a crazy few weeks. I had such an incredible experience at Summit, but have hardly had time to really wrap my head around all that I learned since I went straight from there to the beach with my family. So I’ll focus on the beach week for now!

We had SUCH a great time together as a family. And we were lucky to have absolutely perfect weather too! My parents are so fantastic to rent a house where we can all be together and enjoy the beach, the pool, and each other. This has been the most fun year yet for my little family with the kids. James is at an age where he LOVED the water and felt very comfortable in his floaties swimming and jumping around. It definitely helped that his sweet cousin Ruthie Jeanne was there to act as his constant companion! Those two are so fun to watch – they are truly best friends!

And little Neely… ohhh my goodness. This girl LOVED the beach! At first I tried to keep her contained to the blanket but it became clear that the little adventurer wanted to be FREE! She crawled like lightning all over the sand and straight into the waves, giggling and blabbing the whole time. She would stop occasionally to pick up a shell or a clump of sand, squish it around in her fingers, then drop it and keep on moving. It was so fun to watch her!

One of the highlights of beach week is the FOOD! Yes, I’ve been living a healthy lifestyle and that didn’t change while I was at the beach, but it certainly became a little less strict πŸ˜‰ Each couple takes turns planning, shopping, preparing, and serving dinner and it has become such a fun tradition for our family! We’ve got some seriously talented cooks in the family. I’m excited to share a bit more about one of my favorite meals and some words from the chefs themselves in another post πŸ™‚ But for now, enjoy some of our fun pictures from the trip!

IMG_2061 IMG_2065 IMG_2068 IMG_2077 IMG_2103 IMG_8882 IMG_8890 IMG_8952 IMG_8966 IMG_8986


2 thoughts on “Family Beach Trip

    • eldermeredith says:

      Thank you!!! Yes we were so excited to get a good one of the grandparents with the kids – it’s the first time we’ve managed to get one will all of them! Someone’s usually always napping or grumpy πŸ˜‰


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