11 Months

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Our baby girl just won’t stop growing! I can’t even believe that we are in her last month until her first birthday. Something happened this month and she just got so OLD! Maybe its because she’s taking some steps all by herself. Or maybe because her hair can go into a ponytail. Or maybe because she started wearing big girl pajamas. I don’t know but it is hard to handle!!


Our biggest highlight of the past month was our beach trip. Neely had such a blast and was so fun! She loved the wide open spaces of the sand and crawled SO fast to explore every inch of the beach. I think she also loved being surrounded by her family and cousins all week. She got plenty of love and attention!




Neely is proving to be brave, busy, and curious! She doesn’t really want to sit still and be held, she would rather be on the move and exploring! We saw it on the beach and we are really seeing it in our day-to-day lives as well. Whether its pulling down every book off the bookshelf or playing at the indoor playground (no fear, all she wanted was to crawl up the slide!), or even just riding in the cart at Target – every moment is a chance for a little adventure and mischief!





As I mentioned, Neely started wearing big girl pajamas this month and there is nothing much cuter than that! Although the first morning after she wore her pjs, when I went in to get her out of her crib, she had pulled her pants off! Ha!



Speaking of her crib, Neely has taken after her brother in developing quite a love for her taggie blanket. She doesn’t take a paci and she doesn’t suck her thumb – she actually sucks on the tags of her blanket! It is a little gross but also pretty cute πŸ™‚



Neely’s hair grows longer every day and I’ve been SO excited to start putting it into little ponytails and pig tails. If I can hold her still long enough, she forgets they are there and will keep them for a long time! She has 7 teeth and quite an appetite. We haven’t found many foods that our girl won’t eat which is wonderful! She loves to feed herself. Her favorite foods are probably blueberries and raisins! She officially took her first steps on August 6, but hasn’t taken more than 2 or 3 steps at a time.


We love our girl!! First birthday is right around the corner!!



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