Back To School (lunches!)

Well, the time has come. My kids have started preschool and I will be completely honest – I am SOOO excited about that! I just know that it is so good for them to get out of the house twice a week and interact with other children and other loving adults. And it is good for me to have some time for myself for work, errand running, or maybe even… holy moly… some relaxation time!! Ha!

So in the excitement of back to school I’ve been trying to think creatively about packing lunches for the kids! Right now, Neely is the only one who eats lunch at school. James will start in January. So I’m trying to pack her food that can be easily packed, that she can feed mostly herself, and that has a good variety of food groups and is healthy!! So far, here is what I have come up with:

Cheerios, cheese & spinach quesadilla, strawberries & blueberriesFullSizeRender

Toasted whole wheat bagel, cheese, bananas & blueberries (I call this the yellow-themed lunch πŸ˜‰ )IMG_3129

Veggie muffin (recipe below!), grapes & strawberriesIMG_3448

So, I’m seriously lacking in the protein department. Unfortunately, neither of my kids really love meat, so its hard for me to know what to try. But I need to try something!!


These muffins were a real winner! I found the recipe on Pinterest a loooong time ago and just finally got around to making them. They aren’t 100% clean and healthy, they do contain sugar, but after a few other failed attempts at super-clean kid snacks, I’m meeting in the middle and am very satisfied with these! They have pumpkin, carrots, bananas, and applesauce, and they really do taste great. They made a TON so next time I will probably half the recipe. Also, I omitted the nutmeg just because I didn’t have it already.

Click here to see the original recipe!





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