Comfort Zones

You know what? One of the biggest changes I’ve seen over the past few months (I know, there have been a lot of changes… I feel like I’m constantly blogging about this!) has been my willingness to get outside my comfort zone!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.28.54 AM

To be honest, my comfort zone is rather small, so it doesn’t take too much to force myself out of it. I like my routine, I like my family, I like my house – I’m introverted and a homebody and a teeny bit shy, so yeah, small comfort zone 😉 But since becoming a coach and changing my life and health, I have found myself more and more willing to get outside that small comfort zone and get out into the world a bit more!

Why? I think because I’ve developed a passion that I want to share with others! Even though it’s been scary at times to put myself out there, I’ve found that this experience that I’ve had is too great to keep to myself, and if I can change my life through making my health a priority, other people can too!

It started simply with me saying “yes” to becoming a coach. But I really began seeing this newfound bravery blossom when I went to Summit in Nashville, without anyone I knew, by myself, and had the best time! I was there with other like-minded people, passionate about helping others change their lives through health and fitness. I was learning from people who knew a lot more than I did, and I was sitting there thinking, “I can do this!” It felt amazing, and I was so glad that I pushed myself to go even though it was scary.


I’ve continued to push myself since then and the latest big picture of going outside my comfort zone was this past weekend. I went to a local gym where I was trained by a Beachbody Live Master Trainer to teach CIZE Live! I fell in love with CIZE the second it came out (and when I got to CIZE it up with ShaunT himself at Summit!) Now I am able to share this program with other people. I can teach them how to dance, to move their bodies, to put themselves first for 50 minutes and just let go! I can’t wait to teach this program, but I am also terrified! Because it is scary, I know it will be worth it!



Me with master trainer Mama G after a long day of dancing!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.42.41 PM


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