Wednesday Words – Wake Up!


I’ve slacked off in my free printable posts lately! I do apologize. You know what? It seems like for me if I slack off in one area of my life, it creates a ripple effect where other things end up suffering as well. I have been a little off the last week or so, just more tired than usual. As a result, I’ve had a harder time waking up early. Since I haven’t been having that good, quiet, “me” time in the mornings, I’ve been worse about getting my workouts in every day. I’ve allowed myself to cheat a bit here and there nutritionally. Overall, it is just so clear to me that when I’m prioritizing and making time and effort to do the things I need to do to care for myself, I am so much more likely to thrive in all areas of life! So this is a call to myself to WAKE UP! I need to make time for what is most important and allow the rest of my time and effort to flow from there!

I hope you’ll print this guy out and be encouraged by it! AwakeOSleeper



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